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Bhaav – Providing the most workable & user-friendly websites for healthcare clients

BHAAV, a vertical of Aarohan Healthcare Services (AHS) is one of the leading digital healthcare service providers in Gurgaon.

We provide digital marketing services for medical businesses, practitioners such as hospitals, pharma companies, doctors, diagnostic centres, etc. in providing new patients. 

One of the many services is website development for the healthcare clients.


  • What’s the need for a healthcare website?

The Internet is the source of information making the need of a website a must. Today, patients go through the websites to gather information regarding the practice, area of expertise, experience, practice timing, available address, and other relevant information before consulting a doctor

Your existing patients and the targeted ones would benefit greatly from an effective website UI, which is informational and at the same time easy to navigate. The website is the basic link between a healthcare provider and the seeking patient. 

  • Is Content Important On The Website?

Based on the search algorithm, websites with more information are termed trustworthy and appear high up the order in search ranking. Allowing the probable patients to visit your page rather than your competitors. 


Trusted and relevant details should be shared on your webpage to attract and engage the readers. News, Blog, and Testimonials on your webpage is the best medium to promote the concept of your practice as a professional.

  • What Makes It A Good Healthcare website?

When talking about a healthcare website, the platform on which it is created is more important than the design. As fewer healthcare admins are familiar with the concept of coding and web design, they request a CMS (content management system) that enables non-technical users to make simple up-gradation and modification to the website.  

  • What’s The Importance Of Websites For Doctors?

The myth with the belief that a website is only important to target their future patients. On the contrary, their future, as well as existing patients\, are already reading about them on the internet.  A well-designed medical practice website may provide patients with both medical as well as practical information. Probable collaborators and patients can gain trust and marketing support from a well-designed website.

  • What Should A Hospital Website Be Like?

Patients’ footfall on a website is for varied reasons. Your website should be much more than just beautiful if you want to convert those.

Responsive, comfortable UI, high on information, and authoritativeness should be the pillars of your website build. It should have the factor to make the searchers believe that their search has ended with the best healthcare heaven. There couldn’t have been any better place for them to get their medical journey started. 

If your visitors get this feeling, they will contact you and choose you for the rest of their lives to provide medical treatment.

Get effective websites made with us, that can generate effective leads for you. Not only through user-friendly UI but also good to look at designs and up-to-the-mark content.



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