Home Medical Devices to Play a Larger Role Amidst Covid-19: The Perfect Marketing Time is Now

Home Medical Devices to Play a Larger Role Amidst Covid-19: The Perfect Marketing Time is Now

in14th July 2020

The home medical device industry sees Covid-19 expanding their importance in households across the country. As these devices help people with chronic conditions such as blood pressure, blood sugar to keep a check on their health while sitting at home. No doubt that the pandemic has changed our lives to a great extent and so as the way of accessing healthcare. The enforced stay at home has encouraged a lot of us to keep the essential medical facilities at home to avoid hospital visits unless it’s very urgent. 

Patients with chronic conditions such as blood pressure or diabetes require continuous health checks. Before the pandemic, patients were free to visit doctors regularly, but that scenario has now altered completely. Now having a blood pressure monitor or blood sugar monitor at home can save you from your regular clinic trips. With home BP monitor, you can make a record of your BP measurements and keep your doctor updated regularly. Same goes with home blood sugar monitor. Diabetic patients are anyway required to monitor their blood glucose levels. Also, a home blood sugar monitor can be used easily at home. All these devices are quite convenient, and people are now inclining more towards buying these devices.

Covid-19 has expanded the market for house medical devices which offers regular healthcare facilities at home. For example, thermometers are one such medical device which is not only essential for regular days but also holds greater importance for home isolation patients as they need to keep a regular note of their temperature. Along with telemedicine, home medical devices has a critical role to play in out-of-hospital care delivery. Covid-19 has brought major opportunities for the home therapeutic equipment, self-diagnostic and patient monitoring equipment. Due to the pandemic, people have understood the importance of taking care of their health and hence the focus has shifted largely to proactive monitoring than treatment. Believe it or not, but the diabetes devices alone constitute a large portion of the entire home medical device market. The entire market for home therapeutic equipment and medical devices is growing faster than before. 

For medical device manufacturers, it is the right time to boost customer acquisition and retention. A strategic marketing approach supported by seamless customer experience can help such brands to stand strong and grow their revenue. Due to lockdown, the marketing approach has greatly shifted to the digital world and the same can help such brands to boost their identity amidst this pandemic. Using correct digital marketing technology, unique creatives and informative content marketing approach, medical device manufacturers can grab great attention at this point when everyone is so inclined towards healthy living.

What’s more? The new trend of “vocal for local” has also expanded the opportunities for local device manufacturer industry. With a pool of millions of prospective customers, this industry can experience a revolution during this period. All it needs is the perfect touch of marketing strategies so that people can know what they can have. It has been already predicted by the experts that the market size of this industry is going to be large. Hence, it is the perfect time to grab maximum attention. 

We are now at a post-lockdown period when the whole country is preparing for resuming back to normal lives. With co-existing pandemic, people are even more conscious about keeping a track of their health. Even the offices & businesses are now buying non-contact thermometers to comply with the government regulations. Besides, with the increasing number of Covid-19 infection cases and the limited healthcare infrastructure, medical devices & therapeutic equipment have a greater chance to develop a new market for themselves.

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