Integrated Marketing

An idea to transform your Brand Identity

At BHAAV, our working mission is to address the complex challenges of brand positioning. We work to keep your audience engaged and reactive with your brand. Be it tickling an emotion or eliciting a purchase action, we know how to communicate the core idea within. Our integrated marketing solution is aimed to advertise a product in an unbiased manner at every possible channel to ensure a perfect end result.

Integrated Marketing | The new face oF advertising

With evolving time, the meaning of multi-channel advertising has been redefined. In this era, both traditional and digital channels of marketing play an important role in driving brand awareness. We believe that every sort of marketing channel should be utilized to create a balanced customer experience driven action. We are opening a whole new world of integrated marketing to your doorstep.

Recreate the look with BHAAV Creative Designing Services

Get an all-new fresh look for your business with our creative designing services. Our team of graphics designing experts creates ingenious designs to promote your brand, products, and services within your target customer base. Your idea of business ads is materialized here with compelling designs to create an everlasting impression on your users. Our idea behind creating creatives is to infusing passion with latest designing tools. Be it a start-up or an established brand, we have solution for everyone’s graphics designing requirements. Transforming your business ideas into the exotic artistic piece is our motivation behind creative designing services.

Reshaping the definition of Digital Marketing

At Bhaav, Digital Marketing refers to the promotion or selling or buying any product using the digital media channels. In this technological age of digitalization, the internet is the best medium to attract a wider consumer segment to a specific brand. Multitude device has enhanced the trend even aggressively and given businesses an open door towards mass product advertising. Digital marketing media posses the power of converting the maximum number of leads to real customers. We are committed to ensuring the improvement in ROI by using the most effective digital media channels. Come & meet our experienced professionals to know about our service commitments.

The very essential Content Writing & Marketing

Content Writing & Content Marketing is the strategy to communicate your ideas through consumer channels. Being an important part of integrated marketing services, content needs to be very accurate as per target audience & distribution channels. Thereafter, marketing those content pieces through cross-promotion on multiple platforms is essential to reach the potential customers. At Bhaav, we create content in the form of blogs, articles, emails, images, press release etc to promote a business or services or products. This indirect way of marketing is the best process of generating interests and trust for a brand in the consumer mind.

An intelligent approach towards Media Planning

Our media planning services is an intelligent approach prepared through intense research and compilation. The professionals are committed to procuring product-related research to bind them with necessary measurements. The quality of consumer segment research work is maintained to ensure wider encounter of the target audience. We believe that the success of media planning widely depends on targeting the right customer base. Our media planning strategy is completely brand & product oriented to capture the right audience. Bhaav’s media planning is concerned with offline & online media planning, outdoor & print media planning, creative management, conversion monitoring, traffic analysis, and gamification.

The next level approach towards Media Buying

The basic framework of our media buying is to generate ‘value’ and create media promotions. For any campaigns or creative, it is important to have a higher “reach” as, without that, they fall short. To get the best ROI, we use traditional media planning services with real-life frequency. Our media buying strategies are built to attract the desired audience in their best possible ways. We understand the importance of media buying as it decides the positioning of ad placement and inventory management. For any campaign lifecycle, media buyers play a vital role in optimizing the ad performance. Innovation is our focus among the spectrum of services to meet our client’s media objectives. Our media buying team also offer a post-buy analysis to optimize media buys.

ATL Marketing - Go above the line in classy approach

Above the Line Marketing or Above the Line promotion or ATL marketing or ATL advertising address to the activities made to target a wider reach. In this type of advertising, the non-targeted audience is addressed with mass promotional activities. At Bhaav, we create the best ATL marketing strategies with our experts after conducting extensive market research. We aim to build a communication mood to inform the customers about the brand and products. We focus mass marketing strategies that are largely untargeted and are focused on creating the brand image. To attain success in ATL marketing we approach television, radio and print media.

Benefits of Bhaav’s ATL Marketing Services:
• Better Connect with the audience
• Brand Building
• Wider Reach

BTL Marketing – Enjoy the perfection of below the line

Below-the-line advertising or Below the Line promotion or Below the Line marketing or BTL marketing or BTL advertising represents the mood of marketing consisting of very specific, memorable and direct advertising activities. Such activities are created to target a specific group of consumers. We at Bhaav, offer the best BTL marketing services with our experts who conduct wider research to specify your brand’s target audience. We largely focus on conversion instead of brand making results.

To attain success in BTL marketing we approach:

  • Brand Activation
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • In Store Marketing
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Sponsorship

Benefits of Bhaav’s BTL Marketing Services:

  • Extremely Targeted advertising
  • Improved ROI
  • Easy Control over ad campaigns
  • Tailor-Made ads to attract consumers
ATL Marketing - Go above the line in classy approach

At BHAAV, we understand the importance of your brand style and thus creates excellently designed websites with strongly expressing your brand essence. The website designing team in here creates websites on WordPress, HTML & PHP platform. We work to create websites that support extreme customization and offers 100% user-friendly experience.