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Learn how to practice Lead Generation with Integrated Digital Tactics

Lead generation is an integral part of marketing services, be in online marketing or physical marketing activities. In the case of digital marketing, the process of lead generation involves developing interest of a potential buyer and converting them into a regular customer. The technique of marketing changes every decade. Now-a-days advertisements cannot fulfil the marketing purposes alone. It is now more involved around building a relationship with the customers and understanding their problems. In digital marketing, lead generation is more about creating ads, targeting the relevant audience and accordingly analysis the data & findings, to further make improvisations in the campaign. This is supported by other organic campaigns and functions, that together work towards providing ideal results & drives performance. While it is important that one runs ads, they also need to ensure maximum brand awareness, so that the leads that are generated are more relevant. 

Here we are presenting a brief about how we work at BHAAV, an integrated & digital healthcare marketing agency; to generate leads for our clients, through various digital functions. 

1. SEO

In today’s business world, customers are more inclined towards brands that comes in the top of the search engine list. Our SEO services are customised to ensure increased website ranking so that you can reach out to maximum portions of your target audience. Being an integrated marketing agency, we focus on two prime factors while building our SEO strategy.  

Selection of the right keywords: We conduct an extensive keyword research to understand the search volume and competition level before execution. We found that long-tail keywords often work magic than traditional keywords.

Precise optimization: On-page and off page SEO optimization is equally important to deliver best SEO results. We use keywords in a well-distributed manner in titles, meta descriptions, headings, page-url to boost good user experience. Our technical team also work to improve page loading speed, page design, navigation to ensure better experience for the users.

2. PPC

No doubt that PPC advertisement has become the most important part of marketing. The customers generated through PPC advertising have more potential to purchase services then organically grown customers. Being a digital marketing agency, our PPC services are designed to attract more traffic and generate positive leads. 

3. Content Marketing

Content has become an important part of lead generation as it is an effective online lead generation strategy. It not only brings quality leads, but also helps in improving brand’s online visibility. Good quality content with relevancy is very important for a business to establish trust in the target audience. Content marketing is not just limited to blogging, but also involves other marketing formats like videos, infographics and articles. Quality content helps to bring more visitors on the website, which also means good ranking in the engine position.

4. Email marketing

Although its an old marketing technique, yet it still holds a lot of value even in today’s business world. Studies shows that existing customers like to receive promotional emails to stay updated about the services or products, new launch, announcements, special offers, events. As an integrated marketing agency, we usually undergo A/B testing of emails. It helps us to get an idea of the audience preferences.

5. Social media marketing

No doubt social media has become the most effective medium for lead generation and connecting with the target audience. It is the easiest way to share content, uploading pictures/videos, showcasing company culture or building engagement, loyalty, and online lead generation.

BHAAV is working as an integrated marketing & digital agency since many years and have helped businesses across various healthcare verticals, to stand strong in the competition. Our marketing team is supported by experts who conduct great analysis before executing every small or big campaign. We understand your concerns for your business and thus we work to uphold it against your competitors. Get in touch to know more about how we can help you grow your business and generate more quality leads.

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