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Benefits of Integrated Marketing for Healthcare Brands

Healthcare Marketing can be a bit tricky when compared to other industries but is of paramount importance as without integrated healthcare marketing there would be less inflow of new patients or cash in this fast-changing industry. 

The healthcare industry has transformed rapidly into a quality-based industry centered around patients from being a volume-based industry centered around physicians. Today it is easy to find more than one healthcare facility for a specific disease in any given area. This has hiked the competition and here’s where healthcare marketing plays a pertinent role

Healthcare marketing has evolved into a sophisticated process of employing creative ways to engage with patients and assuring that ours is the best service/product they could avail of.

Marketing ensures the potential patients that not only yours is the best service/product they can find, but also it’s a much better option than what your competitor is providing.

Healthcare marketing allows you to develop better connections and nurture those connections in the right manner. No or poor marketing strategies can make your brand suffer because believe it or not the healthcare sector today is the same as any other sector where a healthcare facility providing a service/product is a brand and the patient is a customer. Patients (customers)  drive the entire industry hence impressing the patient is the most important aspect to boost your practice. 

Enough of just words, here are some stats to help you understand how vital marketing is for healthcare brands: 

  1. 48% of patients research online for at least two weeks before getting an appointment booked with any physician. 
  2. 57% of baby boomers search online for healthcare and wellness information. 
  3. Aspects that concerns your prospective patient when researching a doctor or medical practice:
    • 94% consider the reputation of the facility important
    • 90% check whether insurance is accepted by the facility
    • 86% consider a recommendation by another physician as important
    • 85% check if the facility has the latest technology installed 
  4. When a paid search ad, it invokes action:
    • 26% search for more information on the facility after seeing an ad
    • 39% visit the website of the treatment center that was advertised
    • 36% consider a treatment center authentic and fine that was advertised

Healthcare is a rapidly changing industry, and patient education has become the forefront of focus. It’s a competitive world, and as local competition increases with large hospital chains competing for the same market share, it can be extremely tough to stand out and promote your medical services.

Integrated healthcare marketing can help you in achieving this goal by doing the bit for you. It helps you to enhance your visibility on search engines and social media platforms.

Some benefits that you’ll reap by hiring an integrated marketing agency are: 

1) Enhances the Patient Base.

Afterall, this is what it’s all about, right? Attracting and maintaining a good relation with the patients while improving the engagement. Effective healthcare marketing is designed to do exactly that.

2) Increase the reach as compared to other physicians. 

Increasing the local reach of your brand is one of the primary motives of healthcare marketing that will eventually result in an increase in new patients.

3) Make you a Leader in Healthcare

Healthcare marketing is designed in a way that it helps you lead the market narrative by initiatives like storytelling and video. This helps you build a reputation and develop trust in the eyes of patients.

4) Promote medical services you provide

Healthcare marketing strategies like social media marketing and digital advertising are effective tools to let physicians feature and promote their medical services and capabilities.

5) Enhance the Patient’s Experience 

With an effective Healthcare marketing strategy in place, patients receive not only the top quality medical care but can enjoy an overall comprehensive care with the availability of necessary information resources, reviews, patient portals, and much more.

Bhaav is an Integrated Healthcare branding Agency with an expert Creative, Content, Digital & Client Servicing team that specialises in Healthcare & Life Sciences.

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