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Top 5 reasons healthcare marketing agency is going Online

Digital media is a game-changer in the healthcare marketing agency. This is very much true! Statistics recently released by Google back this up. Indians are the 5th most digitally interactive population with apps relating to health and services provided through mobile health apps. A younger demographic is eagerly engaging in conversations around health. This generation also trusts medical information shared via social media. According to research, 90% of this population, aged 18-24 years old, consume medical news on social media.

These statistics clearly show that the nation needs healthcare brands on digital platforms. And there are many healthcare marketing agency brands online already. So, why is the audience unable to find them? Why are these brands unable to hold the audience’s attention? 

Though there are few healthcare brands online with strong followership. Yet, there are also brands which are unable to even start a conversation around any of their campaigns. The difference lies in understanding the marketing element of healthcare marketing. Healthcare brands need to understand that randomising digital marketing solutions will create confusion in their mind as much as it will in the audience’s mind.

This is why an integrated digital marketing approach needs to be followed. Healthcare presence on digital media is focused on creating a strategy which utilises all tools at disposal. This way the healthcare brands can enjoy the benefits of digital presence. These benefits are as follows.

#5 Benefits of Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Visibility

A healthcare business with a dynamic digital presence enjoys a great deal of visibility. People are going online to search for everything. And as the above statistics show, Indians are hungry to know more about healthcare. This scenario in the digital world has created a golden opportunity for healthcare brands. This is why most healthcare brands are using digital marketing solutions. A digital presence creates visibility in front of users. The strength of visibility is equal to the brand presence being created. This visibility also opens doors for new services and patient redressal.

  • Patient redressal

At times, the patient or the family takes it to the internet to write an honest review of the service they received. Dissatisfied customers can degrade the Google rankings of healthcare brands. Healthcare brands use integrated marketing services to address such issues. A digital redressal forum acts as a platform from where the healthcare brands understand the type of service issues patients might be facing. They implement the changes required after that.

  • A platform for new services

Healthcare has started providing new services to engage people more. E- consultation, Telenursing, and chat with a nurse are a few services available online rights now. Digital platforms are great for launching new medical services as a doctor can request a review immediately after the consultation.

  • Create online referrals

Before interacting with any business, all of the people read online reviews of others’ experience. This practice matters more for hospitals and doctors because people depend on them for life. People take extra caution and pay extra attention to the reviews and ratings of the hospital/ doctor/ medicine. Digital platforms provide the opportunity to create online referrals. People are quick to come to hospitals which have a consistently positive Google review. Digital marketing solutions play a major role in achieving this for healthcare brands. This enables the brands to have an overall consistent brand image.

  • Consistent brand image

Healthcare presence on digital media is all about curating a consistent communication. The communication on social media should align with what search engines are saying. A consistent brand image creates trust and reinforces the brand’s importance. It also creates a brand resonance which is otherwise missed out.

Healthcare marketing on digital platforms is dependent on integrated digital marketing solutions. In order to enjoy the benefits, it is required that equal focus be given to creative and informative marketing. Once the audience gets engaged, it is more practical to attract them with performance marketing. The digital world is broad. Explore this broad world with BHAAV.

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